Get to know NETPROS

Delivering world-class services for the past decade, Netpros is reputed for its exceptional customer support and satisfaction. Our customized, affordable and premium support solutions are available 24/7. Furthering our support, we are now, authorized dealers for Viasat, a unique and versatile satellite internet service.

One of the latest innovations in internet technology, Viasat is particularly designed for those who reside outside cabling areas, in condos and other remote regions. It is also meant for individuals and businesses, looking for flexible networking options. The service does come with several features including the Viasat browser that adds value to your subscription.

Think Viasat – Think Netpros.

With years of customer support experience behind us, Netpros is committed to assisting our valuable users with the best possible services for your homes, offices and home-office workspaces.